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We HEART…Oakmont Farmers Market

Believe it or not, people ask my team and me for our opinions all the time. We get asked everything – recommendations for restaurants, plumbers, or where to get the best fitness gear. The “WE HEART…” section is a resource guide of sorts featuring a business that my team and/or I frequent and “love” for…

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So, what CAN you eat?

I’ve always been the odd one at family gatherings. The one who didn’t eat collard greens (oh, how that has changed), the one who didn’t eat meat (at least not for 13 years), the one who passed on the cake. It’s hard not to get scrutinized at large events. Now that I’m eating strict Paleo…

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Walmart vs. Whole Foods?

Interesting article on Walmart’s foray into the organic/buy local marketplace. Is the same retailer that’s been accused of pushing out the little guy (farmers and small businesses alike) motivated by a desire to support those same little guys while supplying us with affordable healthy produce  or the desire for profit? You be the judge. Side…

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