We HEART…Oakmont Farmers Market

Believe it or not, people ask my team and me for our opinions all the time. We get asked everything – recommendations for restaurants, plumbers, or where to get the best fitness gear. The “WE HEART…” section is a resource guide of sorts featuring a business that my team and/or I frequent and “love” for one reason or another.

logo Go to the Oakmont Farmers Market website. The first thing you’ll see on their homepage is one of those scrolly banner things. It declares “Fresh and local is tastier”. As a frequent shopper at the market I’d have to agree. According to market president, Brian Kennedy, “food drives the market.” and like the website announces, that food is fresh and local. The average produce that we buy at the store can travel up to 1500 miles from its point of origin, says Brian. In contrast the food at the farmers market travels from locations that are no more than 100 miles away from Haverford Township.


Amy the goat from Amazing Acres Goat Dairy

What would make someone stop at a famers market on a Wednesday afternoon on their way home from work or picking up the kids? Well, quality products from excellent vendors, of course! Oakmont Farmers Market, held in the parking at Grace Chapel in the Oakmont section of Havertown, is a producers-only market “featuring locally farmed vegetables, fruit, cheese, eggs and poultry, bison, beef, lamb, wine and flowers.” There’s no re-selling of products. The vendors grow the fruits and vegetables that they sell. They raise the cows, chicks, goats, etc., and make their own jewelry. These are “real” businesses that are bound by laws of the state of Pennsylvania and Haverford Township. They pay taxes, have liability insurance, and must be registered in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. In addition, food vendors must be approved and certified by Haverford Township and pass health inspections in both Delaware County and their county of origin. No sketchy baked-goods from Aunt Sally’s kitchen here! Produce collage

What exactly does the market have? Well, too much to list in this article, but to name a few things – everything from pastured bison from Backyard Bison to pastured turkey, chicken, and pork from Lindenhof Farm to gorgeous produce like tomatoes and peaches (in the summer) from numerous produce vendors.Plus you can get specialty items that you just can’t get at the supermarket. PURPLE string beans, anyone? As fall approaches the produce vendors will be bringing Asian pears, apples, and squash. Like to (occasionally) walk on the indulgent side when it comes to your farmers market food shopping? Try goat cheese from Amazing Acres Goat Dairy, scratch made pasta from Vera Pasta, fresh, handmade pizza from Havertown’s own Bob’s Bake at Home Pizza or hand-crafted cookies or pies from MyHouse Cookies.


“Paint Cans” of wine from Paradocx Vineyard

AND if you need some wine to go with that goat cheese, scratch-made pasta, pizza, and pie, try out the wine from Paradocx Vineyard. They have bottles, pouches, and “paint cans” of wine. High-end boxed wines are all the rage these days. For their spin on this Paradocx uses pouches and patented “paint cans” containing bladders that keep the wine fresh. Coffee!! I almost forgot the naturally grown, organic coffee from Golden Valley Farms. Hint hint: they have free samples!

Merchant.collageOne element of the mission of the market is to “provide education related to nutrition, healthy eating, and locally grown product”. As you can guess, this fitness business is totally down with that. In addition to educational events Brian posts a recipe in their weekly newsletter. You can check out their education activities and sign up for their newsletter at www.OakmontFarmersMarket.org.

Clearly Oakmont Farmers Market is the place to visit if you want high quality, producer-only products. The market is held on Wednesdays from 2-5:30pm 9/3 through 11/26. (Hours are 3-7pm from opening day [5/14] through Wednesday before Labor Day) in the parking lot of Grace Chapel, 1 West Eagle Rd, Havertown. Maybe I’ll see you there!

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