My Story


I was never an athlete.

I hated gym class, in fact I was picked last for teams on my first day of high school gym. I was an awkward, shy, overweight, uncoordinated kid, who avoided anything that had to do with sports and fitness.

When I graduated college I found a love for fitness in step aerobics classes. Step classes paved the way for me to try other areas of fitness over the next two decades - strength training, competitive kickboxing and martial arts, boot camp workouts, kettlebells, more strength training, and eventually powerlifting.

I learned so much during my time as a consumer of fitness. I learned what I loved and what I hated. I learned what kinds of environments helped me do my best and thrive.

I learned that I love places where there was a sense of camaraderie, but not an overwhelming sense of being in competition with others.

Most importantly, I learned that I was no longer shy, uncoordinated, and overweight, but that I had build a body that was strong and powerful that helped me do badass things in and out of the gym.

Everything that I learned helped me to create Performance Fitness - a community of love and support where we help our clients get strong, skyrocket their confidence, and fall in love with fitness so they never have to start over again.

I believe my purpose is to empower women and men to do things they never thought possible.

Whether that thing is your first pull up or swinging a heavy kettlebell, or deadlifting your body weight, I want to help you discover that you too are strong and powerful.

And I want you to discover that the strength you build in the gym can be taken into the real world where you can do amazing things.

At Performance Fitness we’re here for all the shy girls (and guys), for all the people who were picked last in gym class, for anyone who’s ever said “I could never do that.” or “I’m not strong enough.”

My “why” for everything I do is the love of my life; my sassy, rambunctious son.

In my (scant) spare time I enjoy hanging with friends and family, reading, trail walking, listening to podcasts, and binge-watching dark suspense dramas on Netflix.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you find outer and inner strength.

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