Gale W. – Havertown, PA

SUCCESS STORY UPDATE: Gale has been a client of PFit for many years (see her previous Success Story), through times of personal stress and joy, good health and bad (sounds like a marriage!) Gale has been consistent in her workouts…and that has been a key to her fabulous outlook and commitment to living well. Recently, Gale shared this in an email, and allowed us to share it here with everyone.

“Michelle–I decided it was high time to write you a deeply felt “thank you” for all that you and Performance Fitness have done for me over these nine years, including the past seven years as my Personal Trainer. (I know: time passes fast when you are having such a good time!). My “Outer Strength for Your Inner Warrior” to “Better Body. Better Life”, you have been true to your slogans. I am stronger, more fit and less stressed than I’ve been in decades. (At 68, that’s quite a statement!) Thanks to you, I am now only 4 pounds heavier than I was in my twenties. I continue to be in awe of your passion –and your compassion– in the way you run your business, build your team and treat your clients. You have created a community of people who enjoy and cheer each other on through the always-vigorous and creative workouts. Over the years, each personal training session, boot camp and kettlebells class through which I’ve been motivated to persevere has been different, keeping me engaged and looking forward to the next one, even with sore muscles after each. I never thought I would reach the point that I would actually miss exercising but now I do. I also want to give a special shout-out to Brett, as through your tutelage and encouragement, his work with me has been invaluable and enjoyable. I am particularly thankful for the time and attention you and Brett expended last year during my various health struggles, including my broken foot. You kept my spirits and strength up during a difficult time for me.

Thank you! –Gale”