Gale – lean and strong at 63!

After taking Pilates, Kettlebells and Boot Camp classes through Michelle at Performance Fitness, I confidently hired her to be my personal trainer. After nine months of sessions, I am at that wonderful point in my health and well-being that I actually miss it when I can’t exercise! I was always someone who could come up with one excuse or another not to exercise and now I cannot imagine NOT working out several times a week. Michelle has patiently and persistently worked with me to strengthen my core muscles, as well as every other set in my body. I feel better than I ever have in my almost 63 years of living. I am stronger, lighter (by 15 pounds!) and smaller (by two sizes!), as well as much more energetic and focused.  In addition, the persistent backaches I used to suffer are gone. As my personal trainer, Michelle has designed rigorous and well-balanced exercise sessions week after week, no two of which have been alike. Michelle has been exceptionally flexible with my always changing schedule and having her come to my house with her exercise ‘toys’ has made it all incredibly convenient. If you are serious about getting and keeping fit, I highly recommend Michelle Collier as a personal trainer and coach!