2014 Fall Clean Up Final Results!

I’m so proud of all our Fall 2014 Clean Up participants!

The Clean Up requires participants to dig deep and make changes that initially may not be comfortable, but that are in end are well worth it. Our participants have overcome their unhealthy food cravings and learned how to eat real food that supports their goals. Plus they’ve build better, leaner bodies!

Guissou D. – Clean Up Success Story!

Guissou started with Performance Fitness in May 2014. By August she was ready to tackle nutrition and started a dialed-down version of the Clean Up. In September she went all in and signed up for the Fall Clean Up program. Look at her results from clean eating and exercise!


Guissou’s wonderful transformation!


Chris D. – Winner, Lifestyle Transformation

Long time boot camper, Chris D. had done challenges before, but in her own words had only given them a “half-ass effort”. She got serious in the fall of 2014, this time giving it her best effort and forgiving herself (instead of giving up) when she had slip ups. Chris’ results? “I lost almost 6 lbs…I had to buy new jeans and I will soon need an even smaller size.”

To read more of Chris’s story, click here.

Chris D. - Lifestyle transformation winner.

Chris D. – Lifestyle transformation winner.


Emily P. – 3rd Place Winner, Body Composition

Emily proves why your scale doesn’t tell the whole story. She “only” lost 3 1/2 pounds during the Fall 2014 Clean Up, but a 16% reduction in her body fat percentage means that she lost 9 POUNDS of actual fat!

Emily's results prove that your scale doesn't tell all.

Emily’s results prove that your scale doesn’t tell all.

Emily’s Stats:

Pounds lost: 3.5
Inches Lost: 4.5
Percentage of Body Fat lost: 16%
Total Pounds of FAT lost: 9!


Shauna M. – 2nd Place Winner, Body Composition

Shauna came to the Clean Up already fit, but wanted to address some nutrition issues. Here’s what she had to say about her experience: “I am simply blown away by the way my body changed, physically. To lose almost 9 lbs without really being focused on weight is astonishing, and in some ways more importantly, to be so much more toned—to have lost 3.5 inches from my waist, for example—is exactly what I hoped would happen as a part of this program. I love feeling trim and light and fit…

Nutrition does a body (even a fit one) good!

Nutrition does a body (even a fit body) good!

Shauna’s Stats:

Pounds lost: 8.6
Inches Lost: 7.5
Percentage of Body Fat lost: 12%
Total Pounds of FAT lost: 10.3!


Eileen M. – 1st Place Winner, Body Composition


Here’s what Eileen had to say about her experience: “My challenge really began in August when I started attending boot camp…I had been in need of vigorous exercise and a new routine. For several years I had been discouraged with weight gain, sluggish energy and poor eating habits…I decided to do the Clean Up challenge because I like to go big! I wanted to maximize my results and make the most of the hard work I was already doing in boot camp. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have lost weight, which was needed, improved my energy levels and am recommitted to healthier habits.”

Eileen’s Stats:

Pounds lost: 12.5
Inches Lost: 9.5
Percentage of Body Fat lost: 11%
Total Pounds of FAT lost: 6!

To read more of Eileen’s story, click here.

Congratulations to all of our participants and winners!

Ready for your transformation? Go to www.NutritionCleanUp.com. Our next edition begins on January 5th!