Chris Dorian, Merion, PA

Chris D. - Lifestyle transformation winner.

Chris D. – Lifestyle transformation winner.

2014 Fall Clean Up Nutrition Program Better Body, Better Life Winner, Chris Dorian!

Chris has been a Performance Fitness boot camper for over three years.

She’s always impressed me with her commitment to working out and her level of fitness, but during the latter part of 2014 she has shown significant gains in strength and improved endurance. At boot camp we’ve all noticed how her body changed since the spring.

Chris has done the Clean Up and other challenges before, but never with success. This time was different:

“For years I’ve been trying to get my body to a certain point but have only succeeded in losing a few lbs before a vacation then gaining them back, like a yo-yo. I wanted once and for all to get the body I desired…I had actually been feeling really strong and had improved my body in many ways – especially legs but also more definition in arms and surprising myself by catching myself in the mirror and seeing some nice back muscles – but my body didn’t “match”.

I had participated in Clean Ups before but when I say “participated” I mean I just signed up for them and did a half-ass effort, never going to orientation, reading the packet or recording my food. I was just going to “try” to eat better, maybe not necessarily clean, but better. So I decided to put my mind to it and not “try” to do it but actually do it. I went to orientation, read through the packet, recorded my food in My Fitness Pal…and posted on the Clean-Up Facebook page.

[Four weeks in] It was easier than I thought…I didn’t doubt myself – I knew I could do it…I kept going because I was seeing results and was curious how well I could do. I was challenging myself like I had never done before.

I have confidence in myself that I can achieve my final goal…I lost almost 6 lbs …I had to buy new jeans and I will soon need an even smaller size. To lose 6 lbs even though my October included a wedding, 2 weekends away and Halloween is a huge victory for me. In my previous life, all those events would’ve sidelined my progress.

I am proud of myself after 8 weeks.”

We’re SO proud of you too, Chris. Congratulations!