WINNERS! 2014 Clean Up Nutrition Challenge


Congratulations all of our 2014 Clean Up Challenge Participants!

Collectively, in 8 weeks, they lost:

  1. 87.15 Pounds
  2. 56.8 Inches
  3. 83.2% Body Fat

And now – the WINNERS!

110 Percent Winner: Kathy Walsh
– lost almost 7 inches, found her mojo again, and got her body back. Kathy will receive a gift card to Hothouse Coffee (coffee’s on Kathy after Saturday boot camp, everyone!)KathyW.B&A.front











Body Composition, Male: Joe Stern – lost 12.3 inches and decreased his body fat by 15.4%. Joe will receive a City Sports Gift Card to help him upgrade his workout wardrobe. Joe.bandA.sidetucked2











Body Composition, Female: Mary Kamplain – lost 10 pounds and decreased her body fat by 14%. Mary will receive a Trader Joe’s Gift Card so she can keep “tricking” her family into eating clean. NiceArmsMaryK











Roberta.FrontCropOverall Winner: Roberta M. – Lost 10 pounds and 8.9 inches by the end of the Clean Up, this after a multi-year weight loss plateau. She has continued to lose weight, had some big A-HA moments during the Clean Up, and has fully embraced eating clean. Roberta will receive gift cards to Giant, City Sports, and a $100 Gift Card to use toward the Performance Fitness service of her choice.








The Clean Up Challenge enabled all of our participants to transform their bodies and their lives. They have adopted our system and have committed to making the Clean Up lifestyle a permanent part of their lives. To quote Kathy, “I’ve found the key to health – [Performance Fitness] Boot Camp and the Clean Up nutrition lifestyle.

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