Prenatal and Postpartum Training

Prenatal and postpartum moms need safe yet intense workouts. Our expert personal trainers will work with you and answer all your questions prior to beginning any fitness regimen such as:

  • Is working out safe for me and my baby?
  • How much is too much?
  • Are there different types of exercises that are best for pregnant women?
  • How can I lose postpartum baby weight fast?

With Performance Fitness, you’ll stay in shape during your pregnancy and lose weight FAST after your baby is born. We’ll create a personalized fitness plan to get you the results you want during pregnancy and childbirth such as:

  • Healthy weight gain
  • Decreased aches and pains
  • Improved energy, mood and sleep
  • Shorter labor
  • Increased pelvic muscle tone (fewer episiotomies/tearing, faster recovery

Once your baby has arrived, we’ll also teach you functional exercises – “real world” strength so you can pick up kids, play sports, garden and enjoy other physical, everyday activities so you can stay fit even when you’re not working out.

The more the merrier! We also offer semi-private and small group training on the Main Line so you and other moms in your coffee group, book club, and social circle can work out with Performance Fitness together at a fraction of the cost!

Call us at 610-649-4900 today to discover a healthy and safe way to stay in shape during and after your pregnancy!

PS: Don’t forget to ask about our Mom and Baby Pilates programs for the ultimate ab workout!