Marti Keegan

Marti Keegan started working at Performance Fitness in 2011 as a behind-the-scenes administrative goddess. A regular boot camper since 2009, Marti liked the changes she was seeing in her fitness level and physique. She also developed a close camaraderie with her fellow campers and instructors and soon made it her goal to become a trainer.
In Spring of 2014 Marti stepped out from behind the administrative curtain. She received her personal fitness trainer certification from AFAA. Explaining her dedication to fitness, Marti says, “Being fit and healthy makes the rest of my life possible. It gives me energy, a positive outlook and a sense of accomplishment —a recipe for success that I apply to the rest of my life.”

Marti knows firsthand what a client must do to get the results they want: show up, set goals, challenge him or herself, focus on good nutrition, and know that this is a personal journey. She adds, “Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t beat yourself up. Just keep moving forward, no matter what.”

When she’s not training or teaching Performance Fitness clients, Marti loves taking in a good movie, and will find any reason to hang out in the city, enjoy a good cup of coffee and write in her journal. She is also an actress and an avid photographer.

Questions for Marti:

Favorite exercise? Weighted squat press

Craziest Fitness fad? Anything that involves extreme dieting

Favorite post-workout food? Egg white & spinach wrap

Top 3-5 songs on play list?

Gwen Stefani – Rich Girl
Serena Ryder – Stompa
American Authors – Best Day of My Life

Favorite quote? “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” — Joseph Campbell

Favorite Book? My first favorite book was To Kill A Mockingbird.

Bacon or Ice Cream? Both, but not at the same time!