Staying Fit and Sane During the Pandemic

I have been an avid Performance Fitness fan for at least 10 years, attending Boot Camp and personal training sessions an average of four times a week when I’m in town. An odd silver lining of the pandemic is that I’ve now been able to exercise with the same consistency wherever I am, thanks to Zoom. The trainers continue to pay close attention to my stances and personal quirks, just as they always do in person. Not only have I remained fit and strong during these surreal times, the Zoomed sessions have provided a structure to my days, as well as given me social connections in a time of otherwise isolation. I’ve even gotten to know my exercise colleagues better as we banter among each other and with Michelle, Brett and, most recently, Jen. Because I am now 70 with some underlying conditions, the Zoom option is one I will happily embrace for the foreseeable pandemic future.