Kyle Helton, Ardmore, PA

I’ve always said, “I can do it myself” when it came to getting in shape and staying in shape. I believed I knew what worked for me and I could get the results anytime I wanted to. That may have worked at one point, but in recent years, I’ve found myself 20 lbs over ideal weight unable to lose any weight; only packing on the pounds.

In December 2011, I decided enough was enough. I was now 40 lbs over my ideal weight and none of my clothes fit right and I didn’t like anything about that! I joined boot camp and struggled. Then I joined the cleanse program. I struggled in that too! Then a few weeks passed, and boot camp was still a MAJOR challenge, but I was better. Now I’m to the point that the cleanse is just something I (we- Joni and I) do. We like eating the right foods and I feel better. I also no longer have to squeeze into pants and shirts!! I’m down 12 lbs and have lost 12 overall inches and counting.

Thanks for everything you do.