Kevin Kopp, Wynnewood, PA

kevin-koppI first met Michelle and Performance Fitness through the Saturday coed boot camps.  This was at the suggestion of my wife Alicia, a dedicated boot camper who had completely changed her body with boot camp.

At first, I was skeptical. I have exercised or worked out most of my adult life, and had recently changed my routine, lost ten pounds and felt good.

Dedicated Bootcamper!

Dedicated Bootcamper!

I shouldn’t have been a skeptic!  While I still work out on my own, the boot camps helped change both my routine and my body, hopefully forever.  By adding the coed boot camps and implementing the exercises into my own workouts, I lost an additional ten pounds and have held that weight for two years.

I have since added kettlebells and Pilates with Performance Fitness, which has allowed me to further strengthen my core and improve my overall strength and flexibility.  Michelle and her staff are terrific!

Whether you are new to fitness or already a dedicated workout junkie, Performance Fitness will add to both the results you get from your efforts and the enjoyment you receive during those efforts.