Kerry W.

Although Kerry had started exercising consistently, which was a huge goal for her, she says “things were kind of slow to change and I needed a little more motivation to not get discouraged.”

So, Kerry took the Performance Fitness Clean Up Challenge. She says, “on my scale, I lost 5 pounds during the 30 days.  I had been losing .5 lbs a week beforehand, so this doubled it and made me feel pretty great. I just did a Marie Kondo style clean out of my closet this weekend and tried on everything, and it all fits again, including stuff I wore 4 years ago. It was a good way to reinforce that by changing how I looked at things and doing this properly, my body actually has. I feel pretty good and I think that my mindset has shifted in terms of how I approach food and what is actually appealing. I didn’t really want to over analyze/weigh/obsess over everything I ate, and I think this was a really balanced way of doing it and a realistic way to go forward.

Keep it up, Kerry!