Guissou D – Wynnewood, PA

2015-05-06 13.07.32Guissou Dabiri started with Performance Fitness in May 2014. By August she was ready to tackle nutrition. In September she went all in by challenging herself more at her training sessions and really focusing on her nutrition habits.

Guissou described her experience this way: “Thank you for all you do. You run a great program along with fantastic and realistic advice. In half an hour, you gave me nutrition advice, which I was able to start immediately.”

A few months later she added: “…my daughter and I are now wearing the same size. In fact, she gave me a pair of her pants that are too small for her in the legs. They fit me! She is quite skinny, by the way. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Here results? She lost 14 pounds, 9 inches, and decreased her body fat by 22%!