Allison M.

After setting up a consistent workout routine, Allison says it was “painfully obvious” what her next step had to be: nutrition. The Performance Fitness Clean Up Challenge was just the ticket.

Just two weeks into the Clean Up Challenge, Allison started feeling and seeing results. The nutrition regimen was challenging (and her morale was waning), but, after being reminded that she shouldn’t be “starving” herself and that she should eat when hungry, Allison kept going because of the results she was feeling and seeing. She was aware that she needed to take responsibility hold herself accountable: “if you want results – you have to stay on track”.

After four weeks on the Performance Fitness Clean Up, Allison lost 8 pounds, for a total loss of 18 pounds since starting with Performance Fitness! She also realized that she could make positive changes. Allison says she will no longer use “I can’t do it” as an excuse.