Alicia Kopp, Wynnewood, PA

Alicia 3/2011

Alicia – March 2011

18 months ago I wanted to get into shape and gain some energy. I happened to meet Michelle at a fundraiser and was drawn to her enthusiastic personality. I immediately signed up for a few “trial” personal training sessions not knowing at the time that I met the BEST Personal Trainer on the Main Line!

I was excited and a bit nervous about my first personal training session. I thought that I was in decent shape, but was stunned when I was only able to do a few weak push-ups that first session. In true Michelle fashion, she didn’t let that deter me. She reassured me that she could easily help me reach my goals. Most importantly, Michelle kept each session fresh and interesting. With each session I began to look forward to the hard work the feeling of accomplishment I had and increased energy that I felt afterward.

Not only that, others were beginning to notice as well!

alicia-beforeafterMichelle encouraged me to try out the Women’s Boot Camp. Was it possible that a person like me who had never seriously engaged in any regular fitness routine would begin to look forward to working out at 6 am in the morning? I have to admit, the first few weeks, I was not happy at all choosing to wake up at 5:45 (ask my husband!) but over time, I became one of those people who actually enjoy working out before the sun rises!

Just 3 months into my training, I exceeded my goals and reached 55 push-ups in the Performance Fitness Push Up Challenge! I have since participated in multiple 5k’s (with my time improving every race thanks to boot camp increasing my overall strength and endurance), a triathlon and a half marathon. Now, not only do I attend boot camp 4-5 times a week, I’m lost without it! I’ve also added Michelle’s Kettlebell classes.

I am proud to say that in that first 6 months with Michelle’s guidance I decreased my body fat by 13%, participated in a triathlon, and now run an 8-minute mile. What’s even better is that I’ve continued to reshape my body and get stronger

These are just a few of my accomplishments since first meeting Michelle. I feel better than I ever have in my entire life. Maybe I didn’t know that I had it in me“… But Michelle certainly did!

Alicia Kopp, Wynnewood, PA