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Our Clean Up Participants Change Their Bodies in
Just 4 Weeks. Now It's Your Turn!
Get Back on the Wagon, Clean Up Your Nutrition, and Make 2017 Your Year of Change!

The Next Clean Up Challenge Begins January 9th.

We Can Only Accept 10 Participants 

When it comes to transforming your body and getting the shape you've always wanted, 80% of your results are dependent upon nutrition. You can spend hours in the gym or at classes, but until you incorporate proper nutrition, you'll never get the body you want.
That's where the Clean Up Challenge comes in. The Performance Fitness Clean Up Challenge is on its 9th edition. We've used it to help our clients put their bodies to work burning off fat and building lean muscle.
Join us starting January 9th on this 4-week Nutrition Challenge that will help you Clean Up your diet of all the junk and so-called-healthy foods that are holding you back from reaching your goals. Undo all the damage you did over the holiday season and learn new habits to help you permanently change your body. 
Our past participants have lost up to 20 pounds of body fat, trimmed 14 inches of fat from their buttocks, bellies and thighs, added lean muscle, and jump-started their health and fitness.  
Here's What You Get When You Sign Up for the Clean Up:
  • A 4-Week Proven (it really works!), Structured, Fat-Blasting Nutrition Program  Lack of proper nutrition is often the reason we fail to reach our fitness and weight loss goals. Eating the "wrong" foods can prevent you from getting the lean, toned body you desire. And poor nutrition holds back your workout performance, meaning you're not getting maximum results from all the hard work you put in during your training.
  • The newest version of our Clean Up Challenge Guide includes an updated shopping list (key to your meal planning and body transformation success), 56 delicious Clean eating recipes, snack list, food journal sheets, and mindfulness exercises (if this Challenge is going to be a success for you, you need to know what works for you and what holds you back).
  • Orientation seminar  including a nutrition workshop, Clean Up success strategies, grocery store 101, and a body assessment (after all you can't improve what you don't measure).
  • Past Challenge participants tell us that group support is a huge factor in staying on track during the Clean Up. Our invitation-only Facebook group will be a place to ask and answer questions, share new recipes, shout out your successes, and give and get support. This community will be key to your success.
  • Have questions that you'd prefer to ask in private? Need a reality check? Email the head Clean Up Coach and get a response within 24 hours.
  • You could lose 10 or more pounds of fat. We'll also show you the #1 way to make the most of your workout time, so you can start seeing results right away.
Face it, your current way of eating isn't working for you. Either it's not getting you the results you want, or it's not making you feel healthy and energized. We'll reveal tips and the best approach to build nutrition into your fitness program. Plus eating clean just makes you feel better. We'll teach you to eat clean and how to incorporate the 80/20 nutrition rule into your life after the Clean Up is over. Participants who have followed the Clean Up long term (for several months) have lost 40 pounds, eliminated GI distress, gotten relief from constant headaches, increased their energy, gotten a flat belly for the first time in their lives, and maintained their results!
 "Look! No more Spanx!"
Carrie K., 2015 Clean Up Participant, lost 15 pounds during the [8-week] Clean Up and achieved her goal of ditching her Spanx (that's "shapewear" for the uninitiated). She continued to apply what she learned after the Clean Up was over, and lost additional weight and inches and now wears a Size 2-4 Skinny Jean!
The total value of the Clean Up is $500, but your investment is ONLY $197 $147
Fill out the form below and pay before December 31st, and your investment is only $147!
Here's What Some of Our Past Clean Up Participants Have to Say
"This weekend I had to go to  get new jeans for the trip as mine are hanging off of me.  I tried a size down and they didn’t fit so I went another size down!!  Weight is coming off slowly but obviously my body is changing ...Yea baby!!!"
– Jessica K, Boot Camper and 2015 Clean Up Participant
"A big thank you for all the support and knowledge. I'd recommend this program enthusiastically. It was amazing."
– Clare S., 2015 Clean Up Participant
“I am simply blown away by the way my body changed, physically. To lose almost 9 lbs without really being focused on weight is astonishing, and in some ways more importantly, to be so much more toned—to have lost 3.5 inches from my waist, for example—is exactly what I hoped would happen as a part of this program. I love feeling trim and light and fit…" 
– Shauna M., Fall 2014 Clean Up Winner, 2nd Place
"I have confidence in myself that I can achieve my final goal…I lost almost 6 lbs …I had to buy new jeans and I will soon need an even smaller size. To lose 6 lbs even though my October included a wedding, 2 weekends away, and Halloween is a huge victory for me. In my previous life, all those events would’ve sidelined my progress. I am proud of myself after 8 weeks."
– Chris D., 2014 Clean Up Participant
“…my daughter and I are now wearing the same size. In fact, she gave me a pair of her pants that are too small for her in the legs. They fit me! She is quite skinny, by the way. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!” 
– Guissou D., Fall 2014 Clean Up Participant
"... [a] week ago or so I participated in my employer's health screening program. For the first time in my life I had a normal cholesterol level!! I was in shock and so pleased. The thing is that I had tried dietary modifications before with some effect but not like this. It is so encouraging to me to be reminded that sometimes you can heal your body good old fashioned fitness and real food!" – Eileen M., 2014 Fall Clean Up Winner Body Composition
"I couldn't be happier with the results. I have lost weight, which was needed, improved my energy levels and am recommitted to healthier habits.” – Eileen D., Fall 2014 Clean Up Winner, 1st Place
"I lost 10 pounds. I feel a lot better…I bought new jeans and some new work pants…Thanks for giving me the kick in the a** that I needed!" – KH, 2013 Clean Up Winner
"By eating clean and continuing to attend boot camp classes, I started to notice a change in my body. I really noticed the difference one day at work when I kept pulling up my pants. All day it felt as if my pants were falling off, and it felt great! I felt better not only physically, but mentally as well. I feel as if I have more energy now than I did before I started the challenge." 
– Michele K., 2012 Clean Up Winner for Body Transformation
"Clean eating has changed my life. During the initial 8 weeks I lost pounds and inches. I continued to follow the Clean Up program and have lost over 35 pounds since last January. I'm in my mid 30s and back to my high school weight!"
- Marianne M., 2012 Clean Up Winner for Lifestyle Transformation
"I don't think my stomach has been this flat since high school! Thanks for showing me the way to clean eating! It's really not that hard!" – Karen V., 2011 Clean Up Lifestyle Transformation Winner
"I finally have definition in my arms and abs. Not only was I able to buy a pair of short shorts (and look good in them), but I got them in a size SMALLER! I've gotten so many compliments on my new body. The Clean Up has been life changing!" 
– Jenn S.,  2012 Clean Up Participant
"After only 2 weeks my clothes fit better, especially my skinny jeans." – FP., 2011 Clean Up Participant
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