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Make this summer about you! Improve your fitness, get stronger, and relieve stress.
So, here’s why I’m offering this special. I’m married to a teacher, so I know the effect summer vacation can have on the family budget.

Rather than go on a rant about how educators are under-appreciated and underpaid, I’d rather give you something. That something is this SPECIAL OFFER for teachers, because I want to show my appreciation for what you do.

With this program you’ll get 2 months of training plus nutrition support and face to face accountability check-ins.

Normally this program would be $398, but for teachers and other education professionals it’s only $234.

Plan on traveling this summer? No Problem! I've got you covered! You have the option of freezing your program for one week.
Here's what you get with our Teacher Boot Camp:
  • Unlimited Group Training Classes focused on strength building and cardio.
  • The option of sleeping in. This special is good for our 9:30, 12:15, 5pm, and weekend classes. Want to attend at a different time (say, 6am)? Call me for other options.
  • Fitness assessment
  • Nutrition support
  • Monthly accountability and progress check-in
  • Weekly fitness and nutrition tips delivered to your inbox
Ready to sign up? Click the button to get started. Teachers taking advantage of this offer must start their program by July 9th. 
Have questions? Call me at 610-649-4900.
Thanks for all you do!