Moderation = Bull

Give it up—“Everything in Moderation” is NOT an Effective Weight Loss Method Are you trying to reach your fat loss goal by the maxim, “Everything in moderation?” If so, I’ll bet you a king-size Snickers bar you’ll still be struggling with the same 10, 20, or however-many pounds this time next year. The problem with…

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Motivation vs. Dedication

I started working with a personal trainer about five weeks ago. I’m following a program someone else designed for me for the first time ever. Being a trainer myself, I wasn’t sure it was “okay” to hire one. It felt a little embarrassing admitting that I needed the help of a colleague. My trainer explained…

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Fitness 4 Life

We all have different motivations for fitting in our weekly workouts, right? Some of us want to have leaner and meaner bodies. Others want to run faster and jump higher. And still others want to have bulging muscles and ripped abs. No matter our reasons, we always seem to have some ultimate end goal when…

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