Paleo Challenge

You want fries with that? Negociating the Fast Food Waters.

Strict Paleo rocks! Why? Because of the focus it gives me, and because of last week’s Mexican fast food triumph. I had a two day workshop in King of Prussia last weekend. Late to bed and late to rise, I didn’t have time to pack anything for lunch. Saturday was going to be an 8…

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So, what CAN you eat?

I’ve always been the odd one at family gatherings. The one who didn’t eat collard greens (oh, how that has changed), the one who didn’t eat meat (at least not for 13 years), the one who passed on the cake. It’s hard not to get scrutinized at large events. Now that I’m eating strict Paleo…

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Living in a Paleo World but am I a Paleo girl?

I started the Paleo Diet Challenge, the team challenge that I doing with the folks at CFDV, on January 4th. I broke the news about The Challenge to The Husband on Christmas Eve while we were in Giant doing our food shopping for Christmas dinner. “So, I guess I should tell you now… I’m doing…

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