Vulnerability is the key to transformation

If I had a dollar for every time a prospective client cried during our initial conversation, I’d have a lot of money.

These amazing humans who sit down in front of me have often spent years or even decades holding in their pain.

Whether it’s their lack of self-confidence, their unhappiness with life situations, or sometimes even the fact that they’ve lost their identities somewhere along the way, I’ve talked with many deeply unhappy people.

And it’s almost like they’ve held it all in for so long that the moment I start asking questions about their goals, dreams, and past experiences, their emotions just explode.

Sadly, so many people walk around with no one asking them on a deeper level how they’re really doing. Because they’re not “fine” as so many people say.

And when I finally get down to it and start to pull emotion out of them, their hearts pour onto the table through their tears.

It breaks my heart, but it also lets me know that they’re ready.

Not only are they ready to embrace my fitness and nutrition coaching to make themselves so much more confident, energetic, and healthy, but they’re ready to vulnerable.

They’re ready to admit they need help and support.

They’re ready to prioritize themselves and tell others what their needs are because they know that they matter.

They’re ready to open up and be vulnerable in a whole new way.

And that is where inner and outer transformation become truly possible.

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