3 ways to lose body fat that have nothing to do with dieting

Even as a Fitness Professional, sometimes I feel my own head spinning with the amount of diet plans, supplements, coaches, and offers on the market.

It almost seems like every Facebook friend is selling a different solution.

So, I want to offer you 3 ways that you can drop body fat that cost nothing and don’t require the next crazy fad diet

  1. Speak kindly to yourself. I fully believe that our bodies become what we say they are. If you’re constantly telling yourself that your body is “gross” or that you’re out of control, your behavior will reflect this, and ultimately, so will your body.
  2. Visualize (or write it down if like me you’re not visual) yourself creating the body you dream of. In your mind’s eye, every single day see the version of you that you desire to become moving throughout your day, practicing the habits you want to commit to, and creating the body you want. And I’m not simply talking aesthetics like a six-pack or whatever here. I’m talking seeing your body moving with confidence, power, and ease.
  3. Pay attention to your triggers. Notice the emotion, experiences, and/or people surrounding your choices for less than optimal food or skipping exercise. Change the routine. Surround yourself with different people. Choose to assign different meaning or emotions to those trigger experiences. Changing patterns and habits change outcomes.

Creating change is never easy, and sustaining it for a lifetime is even harder.

But I promise that if you incorporate these behavioral pieces into your daily routine, you will begin noticing a huge difference in yourself that will also show up in how your body looks, feels, and performs.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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