Thoughts chronically fit people never have

There are very distinct mindsets that differentiate those who are chronically fit — and by fit I’m talking about what your body can do, not some arbitrary measure, like having a six pack — and those who wish to be, and I want to call them out here.

This isn’t to make anyone feel bad but rather to create an eye-opening conversation that can help you shift your current thoughts.

So, check these out and note any differences that you might be experiencing:

  1. They don’t dread their workouts. Even fit people aren’t super excited for every single workout, but there’s no sense of dread or pain around the idea of exercise. They appreciate what their bodies are capable of and the feeling of getting stronger.
  2. They don’t put pressure on themselves to suffer through hours of cardio. Unless, it’s personal preference or they’re training for a particular event, fit people know fat loss occurs best with strength training and they have also developed very efficient workout routines that don’t require hours of effort.
  3. They don’t believe in restrictive calorie counting. Because that stuff just doesn’t work in the long run. Yes, if fat loss is your goal, creating a caloric deficit is necessary, but you need to find a way of eating you can sustain forever. It also needs to encompasses all foods you love and prevents binging.
  4. They don’t place blame. Whether it’s blaming a slow metabolism, family members and their diets, or busy schedules, fit people look for solutions so they can stay fit forever. Because there is ALWAYS a solution.
  5. They don’t use their love of food or alcohol as a reason they’ll never be as fit as they want. They know there’s a way to have it all, and they’ve found that balance.

You see, staying chronically fit doesn’t come down to a specific gene or being wired a certain way.

Most of us are on an even playing field and are given a fair shot when it comes to achieving fitness – it’s the mindset and effort that is different.

Let me know if any of these resonated with you! Or conversely, if you’ve mastered the mindset to chronic fitness.