Not Your Mama’s Butts and Guts Workout

The WOW, or Workout of the Week, is a short workout that you can do on your own as an add-on to your training. These workouts are designed to be mostly equipment free (so you can do them anywhere) and of medium to high intensity. Modify as needed depending on your fitness level and intensity needs.

Remember those Butts and Guts classes? Maybe your gym still has them.

They were all about spot reducing.

The idea was that you did this 30-60 minute-long class that was “guaranteed” to shrink your butt and flatten and tone your abs (which would of course result in a six pack).

Well, spot reducing isn’t an actual thing. And it’s 2019. We LIKE big BUTTS and we cannot lie!

While this week’s WOW won’t give you a big butt (you need a combination of proper exercise selection, lifting heavy during your weighted glute exercises, diet, and genetics for that) or flat six pack abs (again, diet and genetics) it will strengthen your core muscles and glute muscle. And that will lead to a stronger you who functions and moves better in life.

Here’s what you’ll do for this workout:

  • 15 Bodyweight Glute Bridges
  • 10/10 Side Plank w/ Hip Dip
  • 8/8 Bulgarian Split Squats to Single Leg Deadlifts
  • 5/5 Plank Plate Passes (use a weight plate, dumbbell, or any object you can pass side to side)
  • 10/10 Single Leg Glute Bridges

Complete the sequence, and then rest for 30-60 seconds before repeating. You’ll do 4 rounds total.