Assumptions made about fit people

I am adamantly against making assumptions about people. Not to say that I never do it, I am human after all, but I try to check myself when I do.

You know that there are plenty of assumptions in society made about overweight people — they’re lazy, they don’t care abut themselves, they have health issues.

I don’t agree with any of these assumptions.

I’ve met overweight people who work their asses off in the gym and in life. I’ve met overweight people who have fantastic numbers in terms of health markers. I’ve also met skinny people who are on the verge of having a heart attack.

But there are also assumptions made about fit people (by the way, to me fitness doesn’t mean being a certain weight or size or having a six pack. None of these is a good marker for “fitness”, but I’ll get into that another time).

Some assumptions I’ve heard include:

  • She’s always been fit so she doesn’t know how hard it is.
  • You love vegetables and don’t crave junk food.
  • You love working out, so it’s not a struggle for you to get it done. [LOL!]

And reality is that these things are completely untrue!

Fit people still have to make conscious choices daily for their healthy habits, which is hard for them too!

Fit people would rather have pizza than chicken breast and salad a lot of the time.

Fit people are often unmotivated or too exhausted to exercise.

The main difference here though is that fit people want their result more than they want to skip their workouts or have pizza. They’re willing to consistently make the harder choices. They rely on dedication not motivation. 

I share this message with love today and so you know that I empathize with you, no matter the side of the spectrum you’re on.

In my life, I’ve learned the importance of not making assumptions and have consciously worked to let them go.

Do you have any assumptions you’ve let go of? I think this is such an important topic, so please comment below and let me know!