I want to make you an addict

I know the term “addict” is not really a positive one. And the truth is, no addiction is really healthy – even (especially) ones that seem so.

So, let me clarify.

If you’ve always struggled to stay on track with your eating and exercise, it’s not too late for you.

No matter how many times you’ve fallen off the wagon, no matter how much you hate the idea of starting over again, no matter what your past challenges have been.

You can learn how to not only be successful and how to love it, almost to the point where it feels like a positive addiction (without obsessing or overdoing it).

So many of our wildly successful clients have come from a past full of failures and setbacks when it comes to fitness. And here with us they have found success.

Just look at Lisa.

When Lisa came to us she was like many of our other clients.

She had tried various programs before only to make little or no progress or would get bored, quit or “take a break”, and then start the process all over again.

But Lisa wasn’t ready to give up, so with the recommendation of one of our clients, she decided to try a class.

Well, after that class, Lisa was hooked. She started with one of our introductory programs but quickly transitioned to a two time a week program, and from there to an unlimited program.

Lisa put in the time and effort to attend group training on a regular basis (she even came and did modified workouts after having foot surgery), and made gradual, consistent, sustainable changes in her nutrition.

The result? I’ll let Lisa tell you in her own words:

“I feel stronger (whole body), my posture is better, I feel an increase in flexibility, and I’ve lost weight and inches – all since early May. This is due to the KB [kettlebell] workouts in conjunction with a reduction in calories. I also find the emails, nutrition tips and FB posts really helpful and inspiring.” –Lisa W.

2019 can be the year you fall in love with taking care of your body in a whole new way.

Let me help.

Go here to schedule a free, no obligation Breakthrough Session. During the session I’ll learn more about you and what you’re hoping to achieve and tell you how we can help.