Main Line Fitness Classes: How To Banish Boring Workouts

Have you ever had a great streak of regular workouts only to find yourself losing motivation and tapering off? Of course you have, it happens to everyone at some point during your fitness journey. Maybe your workouts went from 30 minutes a day to 30 minutes to a week to 30 minutes every couple of weeks.

Our Main Line fitness classes are designed to keep you from losing steam, because we know that it can be a struggle to stick with a workout routine. Here are a few elements of our program that we incorporate specifically to keep you on track toward your fitness goals.


  • We meet you at your fitness level. Folks tend to lose interest in a workout if it’s too easy or too challenging. Our Main Line fitness classes are created for you at your level, so that you are presented with the perfect amount of challenge during your workout. We want you to leave feeling accomplished, and ready for more.
  • We switch it up. No two classes are ever the same! One of the reasons people love attending our classes regularly is that they know they will always learn something new: a new workout, a new way to do an old workout, new muscles to target, etc. During our Main Line personal training sessions, for example, we won’t have you doing too much of one thing, so you can say goodbye to using the elliptical for an hour at a time. We’ll combine strength training with cardio, HIIT and more to keep you interested!
  • We don’t let you go it alone. One of the most common reasons people cite for losing track of their workout routine is not having company on their fitness journey. A challenging workout is so much easier with the encouragement and motivation of someone else, whether it’s your personal trainer, or some of the other folks in our Main Line fitness classes.


Main Line Fitness: Anything But Routine at Performance Fitness

Don’t fall into the trap of a bland boring workout regimen, you might end up losing focus and motivation before you see any changes. Try our personal training, TRX, kettlebell or boot camp classes and see how you can stay motivated with workouts that are always stimulating, never dull. Take it from one of our members who was intimidated by our boot camp classes at first, and ended up losing 22 pounds in 5 months: “People are afraid of boot camp but I tell them it’s not scary, it’s friendly and accommodating. You do need discipline, but anyone can do it!”

Join us today! Reach out to us to get started setting your goals and achieving them.