WOW! Pump you up

The WOW, or Workout of the Week, is a short workout that you can do on your own as an add-on to your training. These workouts are designed to be mostly equipment free (so you can do them anywhere) and of medium to high intensity. Modify as needed depending on your fitness level and intensity needs.

This workout is for the gym bros.

Actually, it’s for anyone whose goal is hypertrophy. What’s that mean? If you want some visible muscle, particularly in your biceps, triceps, and shoulders, this workout is for you. Use it as a stand alone workout or pair it with one of our lower body WOWs.

Now get ready, ’cause this workout is gonna…

Pump you up

Triple Curl
Single Arm Tricep Extension
Arnold Press
One Arm Row

8 Reps each exercise
3 Rounds

Make sure to warm-up before each WOW. Some suggestions are a minute or two of jumping jacks, jogging, or stair walks. Then do two to three minutes of 10 squats, 10 push-ups, 10 half roll backs, and 10 bird dogs. Do the squats and push-ups at an easy-for-you modification.