How to Find A Personal Trainer That Works For You

how to find a personal trainer

In our many years of providing personal training on the Main Line, we’ve met a lot of people. Some of them are new to exercise, some of them have tried every fitness class out there. Some of them are skeptical of any weight loss programs, and some are willing to try anything. One thing we’ve noticed through working with all of them is that everybody is different and every body is different. What works for you, might not work for anyone else. And that’s ok.

But it leaves us with the question: how do I find a personal trainer that’s best for me? And though we can’t tell you what will work best for you if we haven’t met you, we can tell you where to start on your search for a personal trainer. Here are our best tips for finding a personal trainer you mesh with.

Find a Personal Trainer That Understands Your Goals

We all have different fitness goals, and most of us have more than one! Maybe it’s to like what you see in the mirror, maybe it’s to have more energy, maybe it’s to compete athletically. Whatever it is, make sure your personal trainer is willing to hear you out and help you develop your goals if necessary. Over here at Performance Fitness, we believe that knowing a client’s goals is the first step to motivating them—and that’s half the battle!

Find a Personal Trainer That Will Tell You The Truth

The last partner you need on your fitness journey is someone who is just going to tell you what you want to hear, or someone who isn’t knowledgeable enough to tell you the truth. We require our trainers to be certified not only in personal training, but whatever medium they specialize in. Our trainers will help you navigate fact from fiction in the world of weight loss.

Find a Personal Trainer Who is Also Human

There’s a reason people opt for personal trainers over those all-in-one workout machines (Bowflex, anyone?)—we’re human! We can make you laugh, we can get serious with you and we know how to motivate you when you’re struggling. It’s our job. We’re also parents, friends, athletes, non-athletes, and goofballs.

Find a Personal Trainer at Performance Fitness on the Main Line

The best way to find a personal trainer that you love is by getting out there and testing the waters! We have seven trainers all with different signature styles and personalities ready to work with you and help you start your fitness journey. Take a look at our Main Line personal trainers and give us a call (610-649-4900) or send us an email to set up an appointment.