More Than a Gym: Ardmore Personalized Fitness at Performance Fitness

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At Performance Fitness, we know that everybody and every body is different. Some of our clients want to lose weight, some are working toward increased endurance, and others are looking for noticeable muscle gains. In addition to varied goals, all of our clients come to us at different stages of their fitness journey. As your local Ardmore gym, it’s our job to help you create your fitness plan with your individual goals and skills in mind so you can reach your fitness goals sooner.

Why Should a Fitness Plan be Personalized?

When you have a personalized plan, you’re more likely to follow through. Here’s why:

Combat Boredom

Sticking to a routine can provide great results, but if you’re getting on the same machine or running the same distance day after day, it can get pretty stale. A personalized fitness plan that keeps you challenged during each workout makes it more likely that you’ll actually stick to your overall fitness plan. Plus, we believe that working out should be fun. That’s why Performance Fitness has special events for our members, like Kettlebells and Ketel One where we push ourselves to our limits and then kick back and have fun with our members from Ardmore, Havertown and all over the Main Line.

Make Better Use of Your Time

Everyone is busy, so it only makes sense to make the most of your time by selecting workouts that target the areas that matter most to you. You can work with our trainers to design a program tailored to your needs or you can take part in one of our classes or boot camps.

Work Toward Your Specific Goals

Ardmore gym lovers are thriving at Performance Fitness because of our focus on the individual. Our customized nutrition guidance matched with our classes and trainers gives you the opportunity to reach new heights. And, there’s nothing more we love at Performance Fitness than celebrating the successes of our members; we’ve got Client of the Week awards for just such an occasion. We’re here to cheer you on every step of the way.

Performance Fitness: Your Ardmore Gym

Ready for a customized plan that’ll get you to the next level? Come visit our trainers or check out a free class at Performance Fitness. We’re right on Manoa Road in Wynnewood, just a 5-minute drive for our Ardmore gym goers.