Performance Fitness: Main Line Weight Management Starts Here

main line weight management

Research says that weight management is more successful when there’s support and studies show that having a support system is important for achieving weight loss. That’s why weight management is generally most successful at a individualized facility such as Performance Fitness.

Weight Management in A Supportive Environment

“People don’t have the confidence to start making changes to diet and exercise by themselves. They are more successful when they have someone to help start them off on the journey,” says Dr Katy Sutcliffe, a lead researcher at London’s UCL University. “People describe a positive sense of accountability to those individuals which helps them make changes in the short-term. Once they start to make changes they gain confidence, and begin to lose weight and feel better, this gives them the motivation to continue these measures by themselves.”

Beginning a weight loss journey alone can be difficult. It is hard to know where to start working towards your goals. Without having a support system, it can be overwhelming and discouraging. A key factor in long term weight management success is receiving encouragement and support from others.

When working out in a supportive environment, you will:

  • meet other people with similar fitness goals.
  • be in the company of fitness enthusiasts who LOVE to workout.
  • receive motivation, friendship and encouragement.

Main Line Weight Management Starts Here

What you’ll find at Performance Fitness is a warm, welcoming community with a staff who truly care, listen, and respond, and who deliver sustainable, measurable results. We work with you to create a customized, sustainable diet and exercise program. We design a weight management program that suits your ability level and allows you to achieve both short-and long-term goals.

Performance Fitness was developed to have something for everyone. We offer group exercise classes as well as personal training. Group exercise classes will offer you the accountability and encouragement you need to keep going. Our personal trainers will train you one-on-one, in couples or in semi-private small groups.

Conquering your weight loss goals will help you recommit to your program along the way. Working in a supportive group will help guide, educate and empower you to make the best nutrition and exercise choices.

Our goal is to provide our clients with fitness and nutrition solutions that get them the results they want: the body and health of their dreams. And we do it while giving our clients great service in a fun and supportive community.

Call us today at 610-649-4900 and watch your health and fitness improve more than you ever thought possible!