We HEART…b.good restaurant

Believe it or not, people ask my team and me for our opinions all the time.

We get asked everything – recommendations for restaurants, plumbers, or where to get the best fitness gear. The “WE HEART…” section is a resource guide of sorts featuring a business that my team and/or I frequent and “love” for one reason or another.

bgood logo

I love finding a new place to eat. Especially when it sources locally and features a wide array of healthy, tasty options. I’ve found my new favorite restaurant—b.good in Wynnewood. I want you to go there. Like right now.

fruits and veg

This beautiful array of fruits and vegetables is a prominent feature in both the food on the menu and in the restaurant.

Why do I love this place so much? Well, let me start with the awesome menu. It features mouth-watering bowls that pack a punch in terms of nutrients. Each bowl starts with kale and adds all sorts of veggies, proteins, and delicious dressings. The menu also features salads, sandwiches, and burgers, all of which include diverse options that are good for you and delicious. And the bonus at b.good is that everything is sourced locally. It’s truly food you can feel good about eating and that won’t undo all of that hard work you’ve done at the gym.

bgood our-story

A family business – b.good founders, Anthony & Jon, with their food mentor, Anthony’s Uncle Faris who taught them about good food in his kitchen.

After visiting several times, I decided to sit down with the Wynnewood location’s franchise owner, Deb Lutz, to learn more about the company. Deb, a former corporate branding manager who wanted to open a restaurant, decided to franchise b.good locations in the Philly metro area after meeting b.good’s owners—two boyhood friends from Boston—in 2013. She opened the doors to the Wynnewood spot in June 2014 after launching her first location in Marlton, New Jersey. The company has 33 locations across several states, some of which are franchises.


On the wall in the Wynnewood location, a map to all the fresh, locally sourced food on their menu.

Deb’s passion for b.good began because it emphasizes fresh, healthy food, and it’s a family-friendly restaurant whose values are in the right place. The tagline of b.good is “made by people not factories,” and it aims to build local communities and economies. Her franchises source their ingredients from local businesses, such as:

  • 1732 Meats in Lansdowne
  • Dante Spina Farms in Salem, New Jersey
  • New Hope Fountain Soda in Bryn Mawr
  • Roseda Farm in Monkton, Maryland
  • Trickling Springs Creamery in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
  • Nature’s Soy in Philly
  • Wildflower Bakery in Philly


There’s a good kids menu that will attract your little ones, and if you have food sensitivities, b.good can accommodate you. The menu can be customized for people who are gluten free, vegan, kosher, paleo, and who have food allergies. Deb appreciates that b.good is in-tune with the needs of people with diverse food needs, as her own family has food difficulties.

Take my word for it and stop into b.good. Once you dig into one of the bowls or try a quirky-named burger you’ll be as obsessed as I am about this place. I bet you’ll smile at the burger names. The Cousin Oliver (named from the Brady Bunch character), Adopted Luke (named after Leonardo DiCaprio from Growing Pains, of course!), or Joanie (from Happy Days) may be your new favorite bite. And be sure to try Deb’s favorite offering—the french fries!

Talk about "locally sourced"! The mint for their smoothies grows right there in the restaurant. And it's pretty, too!

Talk about “locally sourced”! The mint for their smoothies grows right there in the restaurant. And it’s pretty, too!