30-Day SQUAT it like it’s HOT Challenge

SQUATFor the next 30 days we’re focusing on squats with our “30 Day Squat It Like It’s Hot Challenge”.

Not sure how to get the most out of this challenge? I have two suggestions on what areas you can work on:

  1. Form – Although the squat is a natural and foundational movement, it’s a movement that many of us struggle to do with correct and safe form. Perhaps during class or your sessions you get a lot of cues about your squat form. If that’s you, then your goal during this challenge is to clean up your form. Maybe it feels like your have 5 areas to work with your squat or maybe you only have one, whatever the case you’re only going to work on improving ONE area with your squat.

Not sure what you should work on? Ask your trainer. We’ll watch you squat and tell you the ONE thing, the most important, or the issue that sets you up for the most risk, that you should work on during this project. Once we see improvement with that issue we can help you address other issues (if any).

Need a refresher on proper squat form? Check out this blog post here.

  1. Strength Increase – Been told that your squats are The Bomb? Then no need for you to focus solely on form, instead work on increasing the amount of weight you can safely lift. Our suggestion is to work on your 5 rep Front Squat or Goblet Squat max – that’s the maximum amount of weight you can SAFELY lift for 5 repetitions.

This challenge is about YOU and what YOU want to achieve with your squats. As always there will be modifications for those who need them.