Use your Facebook powers for GOOD

SpacebookFacebook. Some people love it. Some absolutely hate it. Many of us find it somewhat useful to stay in touch with family and friends we don’t see often. Some of us use it to view the latest cat video. While we’re deciding if Social Media is good or bad for us, I think we can all agree that Facebook is POWERFUL.

Facebook has the ability to reach a large number of people at once. It can inspire. It can belittle. It can spread love, it can spread hate. But we know that Facebook is here to stay.

So at Performance Fitness, we decided to team up with Sweat Angels to use our Facebook powers for good. And here’s how:

Every time someone checks in on Facebook at Performance Fitness, Sweat Angels gives to a deserving non-profit.

Every time.

So how can you help? Simply tap the check-in button from your phone on Facebook (on the upper right-hand side of the screen) each time you come to the studio or have an in-home personal training session.

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Forgot to check-in during your session? No problem! You can do the check-in from anywhere. You just need to search for Performance Fitness when you’re on the check-in screen. You can even check-in from your computer (see below). Click in the status update field and the location icon will appear then select or type in Performance Fitness.

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Add a comment (something as simple as “checking in to help beat breast and ovarian cancer” would work) or a hashtag and you’re good to go.

Each month we’ll support a new non-profit. During October Sweat Angels and their affiliate gyms will support Bright Pink, an organization that helps women in need get risk assessments for Breast and Ovarian Cancer. Every 5 check-ins this month will result in a woman getting a screening.

AND if we get 75 check-ins this month the Performance Fitness trainers will do Thriller video (choreography by our very own Brett).

So, remember to check-in!