This Post is Only for the Sexy People

Group.tatooDon’t let the media fool you. Sexy is not just an adjective for a lean and mean body dressed to the nines (or in skimpy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret). Sexy is confidence. It’s a woman who knows how to take care of herself even while juggling other roles like mom, wife, girlfriend, friend, employee, employer, etc.

We’re trying out a Get Sexy Project at Performance Fitness, and it’s not about fitting into skinny jeans or a bikini (although we have those programs coming up, ahem). It’s about embracing your body and learning how to make it strong—it’s about building confidence from the inside out. Though the program is sold out, I want to share some thoughts on getting sexy for you to consider.

Getting sexy is about more than what is on the outside: It’s about learning how to be FIERCE. Part of finding your sexy side is about taking care of you—it’s when your physical fitness yields mental and emotional fitness. This is something so many of us women struggle with as the demands of life take over. Our needs often fall to last on our to-do list. This low prioritization is not doing us any favors in finding energy levels to conquer life’s demands or to nurture relationships with loved ones. If you find time for yourself and gain strength and confidence (and get sexy!) daunting weeks and days on your calendar can get a lot easier.

I received a supportive e-mail from a woman who totally gets the Get Sexy Project: “Love the Get Sexy Project!!! SOOO often we women have forgotten how to be sexy in the face of all we do . . . kids, homes, businesses . . . I love this!!!”

Are you convinced that it’s time to get sexy?

You may not be jumping on my bandwagon yet because you can’t shed those ideas of sexy as portrayed on the cover of Cosmo. If you’re shaking your head about owning it, let me share how I discovered what’s sexy:

Years ago, when I was just a participant in fitness, not a professional coach, I started noticing how getting fit and strong impacted my day-to-day life. Excited about building my strength, I started doing competitive kickboxing and Bando, a Burmese martial art. The calisthenics, shadow boxing, and punching and kicking drills on mitts, shields, and a heavy bag got my heart pumping and my sweat rolling. I struggled when sparring with actual people, but even that contributed to my overall confidence.

As the years went on, I added weight lifting, metabolic conditioning, bodyweight workouts, and kettlebells to my workout schedule. As I built outer strength with these methods, I found I could accomplish anything life threw my way. I could pick up a 40-pound of dog food at the store without any help. I could sprint after my 58-pound escape-artist dog, power clean her off the ground when she refused to move, and carry her a block back home (now THAT’s Metabolic Conditioning!). I could pick up my infant son in his carrier and hold five bags of groceries. (Heck, I can do that now, even though he’s a 43-pound preschooler!)


With this awe-inducing outer strength, my inner confidence grew. I developed the mental stamina to not lose my ish after a 14-hour day. I stretched my limits and got out of my comfort zone, growing a business, calling prospective clients, and talking to people at networking events because I could remind myself that it was no harder than getting in a ring and fighting for nine minutes or deadlifting 290 pounds.

Are you ready to embrace your sexy self? Challenging yourself physically will strengthen you mentally, and you’ll transform after all of that hard work. Up your fitness routine, streamline your nutrition, find ways to measure yourself, and get the camera out for some weekly selfies to track your progress. You’ll be amazed at how your commitment to fitness will result in improving your entire life.

As we say at Performance Fitness, “Build Outer Strength for Your Inner Warrior.” It’s time for you to get sexy.