Performance Fitness Client Spotlight – Meet Maren Reichert


Boot camper, Maren Reichert, is a prime example of our motto: “Outer Strength for Your Inner Warrior”.

She’s been a Performance Fitness boot camper for almost two years, and during that time has gotten physically stronger and increased her confidence (let’s hear it for getting mentally stronger too!). Not only that, she uses lessons learned from overcoming challenges in boot camp as teaching tools for her children regarding overcoming challenges in life. Another example of how building OUTER strength builds INNER strength.

One of our Performance Fitness core values is community, and Maren totally embraces this value. Whether it’s hosting events for a fellow camper’s non-profit organization, participating in our charitable giving campaigns, or giving flowers to a trainer who passed a grueling kettlebell certification, Maren is a standout when it comes to community.

Name: Maren Reichert

Where are you from and how long have you lived in this area?: Rochester, NY. I’ve lived in Havertown since 1995.

Occupation: Law Clerk

Spouse/Partner: Han

Kids: Khue and Vinh

Hobbies?: Music. I used to be a pianist and sometimes I accompany my daughter. I also like attending orchestra concerts and chamber music concerts.

Sports?: My husband and I play in an adult soccer league.

Favorite Magazines: I don’t have a favorite magazine, but I subscribe to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Favorite radio station?: WRTI

Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music

Favorite book: Pride and Prejudice

Favorite way to treat yourself: Take a yoga class.

If you had to choose 3 words to describe yourself, what would they be? Reasonable, loyal, peacemaker

Fun/interesting fact about you that most people don’t know? I once played piano in a show called The Seagull. It starred Gwyneth Paltrow, Christopher Walken, and Blythe Danner.

How long have you been training with Performance Fitness? I started almost two years ago with the classes you used to teach at the Haverford Reserve.

What would you say is the single biggest reason why you decided to get help with your fitness? I had just started running with my husband, I was approaching 40 and I felt it was time to try something new.

What fitness and/or weight loss results have you achieved since joining boot camp?: I’ve lost inches and decreased my body fat. I’ve become visibly more fit in my upper body [Editors note: check out those guns in the photo!]. I’ve always had strong calves. That’s nature, but my upper body is definitely nurture!

First word that comes to mind when you hear Performance Fitness? Community!

Coolest side-effect from working out? Having people notice my muscular shoulders and arms during the spring and summer months. My increased strength also allowed me to carry my son [during our trip to] Disney in my arms for what felt like a mile!

What inspires and motivates you? My kids. I want to set a good example for them in terms of exercise and diet. Also the impact that working out out has on my well being inspires me to continue working out.

How has boot camp changed your life? It’s been a good life challenge to push myself physically in ways I haven’t before. I can do things at boot camp that I never thought I could do. The lessons I’ve learned at boot camp have helped me talk to my kids about pushing through difficult things. I also have increased confidence.

Bacon or ice cream? Ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby

What are your 3 big goals for the next 3-6 months?:

  1. Continue to improve conditioning
  2. Avoid recurrence of tendonitis
  3. Be able to do a flexed arm hang for 50 seconds

If someone asked you about Performance Fitness what do you tell them?: The program is challenging and reliable. There’s a nice community of trainers and participants that holds me accountable in a way that a gym membership never would.