12 Days Fitness Challenge Workout 8: Interval Interlude


Your mission: Complete twelve workouts between December 1st and January 1st

If you’re a Performance Fitness member these twelve workouts can be any combination of personal training sessions, group training classes, a DIY workout from the Performance Fitness Exercise Guide (don’t have a PFit Exercise Guide? email us and get one!), a WOW, or one of the 12 Days Challenge Workouts.

The important thing between now and January 1st is to get in your workouts. Don’t have an hour to workout or can’t get to class? No worries! For this challenge, intensity trumps time.

Not a Performance Fitness member? You can still play along (although not win the prizes) by following the 12 Days Workouts OR you could become a member and be eligible for the prizes and get the full benefit of training with our cast of wacky, yet loveable fitness experts.

Workouts will be posted daily, Monday through Friday. Post to comments below to get credit for completing the workout

Workout 8 – Interval Interlude

Choose your favorite cardio exercise (walking, running, stair climbing, bike riding, jumping rope, etc.) and alternate between intervals of work and recovery (lower intensity but not rest). Perform 60 seconds of all-out effort immediately followed by 60 seconds of light effort for 7 rounds (14 minutes total). Examples for your all-out effort and light effort intervals include:

  • Running/jogging or walking
  • Power walking/slower walking
  • Jumping rope/jogging or marching in place
  • Running stairs/walking stairs
  • Running, jogging or walking uphill/running, jogging or walking downhill
  • Cycling all-out effort/cycling lighter effort

Remember to warm-up with 3-10 minutes of light effort cardio

Post your chosen activity to comments.



  1. Michele on December 15, 2014 at 6:12 pm

    Done! Cycling.