Short on time but want a quickie?

A quickie workout that is.Running Clock

You rock bootcamp, personal training, or kettlebells. Maybe all three. But for those times when you’re not with Performance Fitness, and want to rock a workout on your own, here are five, mini full-body workouts you can do practically anywhere (by the way – do you have our 5 Anywhere, Anytime Exercises free report? Get it here!). They’re guaranteed to boost your spirit, burn calories and build beauteous muscle tone.

1. Superset—jump rope and thrusters. A superset is two exercises done back to back that you alternate for a series of rounds. The back and forth with little rest between sets is what makes them SUPER. They keep your heart rate up adding maximal cardio benefits, even to strength training.

What you need—a jump rope and dumbbells. What to do—jump fast for a minute. Then hold the dumbbells with your arms bent so that the weights align with your collar bones. Squat. As you stand up from the squat, press the weights overhead. Do 20 reps. Then back to jumping rope. Do five rounds.

2. Superset— Partial Turkish Get-ups, Step squat jumps. A Turkish getup is a full body exercise that you can perform with a kettlebell, dumbbell or bodyweight. There are a lot of steps but you get them down with practice. For the sake of this post, I’m going to eliminate some of the steps and have you do partial Get-ups (follow the steps in this demonstration up to the bridge).

3. Triset—split jumps, pushups, Russian twists. You’ve probably figured out that a triset is a series of three exercises that you repeat for a set number of rounds.

What you need—medicine ball, dumbbell or nothing at all. Perform 20 alternating switch lunge jumps or walking lunges if jumping is not in your body’s wheelhouse. After that, do 10 pushups and then 20 Russian twists, with or without a medicine ball or dumbbell. Repeat the triset five times.

4. Bear Crawls. Bears are wonderful for joint mobility and stability. They’ll also raise your heart rate and light up your core. Bear crawl forward and backward for one minute. Rest and repeat 4 more times.

5. Burpees. You know them. You hate them. But the burpee loves you. Do three sets of ten.

Follow the links above for video demonstrations of each exercise. Have fun and post your comments below.