Performance Fitness Client Spotlight – Meet B-Rad (Brad Zilch, that is)

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Our current client spotlight is being shone on Brad Zilch. Brad has been training with Performance Fitness for about five years. He first started based on the advice of his wife (and Performance Client), Pam. [That’s my business strategy – get the wife and the husband will follow. :-)]

Brad is quite athletic and competitive. He was a track and cross-country runner through his teens, and played volleyball, basketball, and tennis as an adult. His latest athletic pursuit is “old man” softball. He also fancies himself a comedian, and once a week I have the honor of hearing his material. Yay!!

Name: Brad Zilch

Where are you from and how long have you lived in this area?:  I’ve lived all over the eastern half of United States plus LA. I’ve been in Media for the last 15 years.

Occupation: Engineer

Pets: Oreo – the 10 pound Havanese and a 4-year-old goldfish named Goldie

Children: 2 – Sydney and Quinten

Spouse: Pam

Hobbies/Sports?: Sitting on the couch. That doesn’t count as a hobby? OK, playing softball and running. I also like to do Sudoku puzzles, and I competed in a national championship a few years ago.

How did you hear about Performance Fitness?:  Through my wife, Pam. She had been working out with Michelle for a few years, and suggested I do some training sessions because of my lower back issues, and Michelle’s expertise in core strengthening exercises. We did exclusively Pilates and core strength for the first couple years then added weight training when I felt comfortable.

What results have you achieved?:  When I was 38 (before I started training) my doctor said I had the back of a 65-year-old. When I was 43 he said that the atrophy [of my spinal muscles] had stopped. Also, we [Michelle and I] stepped up my training significantly last year, and I started doing my assigned homework [Brad gets a new home workout program every 6-8 weeks]. Usually I gain 4-6 pounds in the winter, but this year there was no significant weight gain.

What are your 3 big goals for the next 3-6 months?:

  1. Stay in shape so I can play a season of “old man” softball without getting injured.
  2. Be able to actively participate as a coach for my son’s baseball team.
  3. Play volleyball with my daughter.

Bacon or ice cream, pick one: Ice cream

Favorite 80’s Band: Van Halen

If someone asked you about Performance Fitness what would you tell them?: If you want to get a workout customized for you that changes frequently, and that works around injuries or problems, Performance Fitness is for you.

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