Snow Day Housebound Workout – 3/3/14 Edition


Elise is so sad that she didn’t get to teach today because of our snow cancellations, so she designed this Snow Day workout for you. Enjoy!

This butt-kickin’ workout requires no equipment. Just you. Beautiful, butt-kickin’ you. When you are done this workout, the snow will have melted and a hula skirt will sprout from your delicious, strong, slim, hips. A warm salty breeze will caress your glowy face. You will find yourself on a tropical beach, fresh mango-rita in hand (zero calories) and your children tended to by a loving staff. The island massage therapist is waiting for you under a thatched hut. He is HOT. His name is PAOLO. [Editor’s note: for our guys and lesbian friends, your massage therapist is Paola. She’s hot..You get the idea.]



10 squats

10 pumps

10 alternating rear lunges

10 situps

10 glute bridges (scroll down to video on the right)


10 squat jumps

10 pushups

10 split jumps (substitute alternating lunges for the split jumps if needed)

10 Russian twists

20 alternating single leg glute bridges (scroll down to video on the right)

Rest for 30-60 seconds then do:

20 squat jumps

10 pushups

20 split jumps

10 alternating side crunches

10 each side single leg glute bridges


Thanks, Elise!

Post to comments, y’all with how you did on this one.