Workout Wednesday

[I said in a previous post that I’m not one to write about my workouts, yet I’ve posted several workouts since then. Oh well, take these posts for how they are intended – inspiration for busy, tired grown-ups who just aren’t sure how they’ll fit a workout in. No braggadocio intended.]

Wednesday was another one of those days. I spent 13 hours engaged in a combination of work activities – seeing clients, working on projects, answering emails – and husband chauffeuring. The Husband’s car was in need of a new wheel (after the old one blew out on the turnpike) and THREE new tires plus a list of other stuff that I stopped listening to when I realized how much the whole thing was going to cost. Ka-ching!

Earlier in the week I had put my Wednesday basement workout on my calendar for 4:30. I had envisioned pull ups, Diamond Push-ups, eccentric rows, eccentric presses, T-bar rows, and maybe some “vanity” muscle work (this is my new [stolen] term for isolation movements like bicep curls and tricep pressdowns). Ooh, and some fun with “The Beast” – my new 48 Kilo/106 pound kettlebell (What can I say? Dragon Door had a 50% off sale last month, and I’m a sucker for a fitness equipment sale).

Of course, as life would have it, at least when that life belongs to an entrepreneur/toddler mom, my workout plans got blown up.

So at 5:45 I found myself finally shutting the office door and at 6:02 I found myself begging my mom for “just 30 more minutes” of free babysitting so I could do a quickie workout. I had to promise to be back upstairs by 6:33 on the dot.

Here’s the workout I did:

-3 sets of band (assisted) pull-ups x 10
-3 sets Diamond Push-ups to failure (10-8-5 reps)

4 sets of:
-10 hanging leg raises
-15 Medicine ball slams w/ a 20# non-bouncing med. ball (Pleeeease Great Pumpkin, bring me a 30 pounder for Halloween)

Followed by 3 sets of the following complex:
-10 Swings w/ the 24 Kilo kettlebell
-5 Swings w/ the 32 Kilo
-3 Swings w/ the 48 Kilo

Done and back upstairs to relieve “the babysitter” at 6:35.

Mama's got a brand new bell!

Mama’s got a brand new bell!


  1. elise a miller on September 14, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    that bell is so funny and intimidating at the same time. i want to see video of you moving that thing!! great workout. love your “warmup.” so dan john.

    • michelle-admin on September 15, 2013 at 11:45 am

      Would have shown you yesterday. Video to come. You just gave me a legit reason to buy a Gorilla Pod! Thanks!