September/October Boot Camp Challenge!

It’s all about the Tabata Squat for the next 4 weeks at boot camp.

Here are the details about the challenge:

1. Each camper will do 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off of bottom-to-bottom Tabata squats for 8 rounds (that’s 4 minutes).

2. You will do as many squats as you can WITH GOOD FORM during the 20 second interval and HOLD the bottom of the squat position during the 10 second interval.

3. Campers will be partnered. Partner #1 will squat and Partner #2 will tally partner #1’s squats using the challenge form.

4. After partner #1 has completed 8 rounds of bottom-to-bottom squats, partner #2 will have his/ her turn.

5. Trainers will demonstrate proper squat form before each trial. For a squat to be counted the camper’s hip crease must be below the knee at the bottom squat position AND knees must come to full extension at the top position (in other words, your knees must be completely straight when you stand up). Any squat that does not meet this criteria will receive a “no count”.*

4. Challenge dates: Wynnewood – Wednesday, September 18; Monday, September 23; Wednesday, October 2; and Friday, October 11. Haverford Reserve campers, Tuesday/Thursday Women’s boot campers, and Kettlebellers will get to do the challenge once a week on a Tuesday or Thursday.

5. If you miss the official trial day you will be able to make it up on a different day that week.

We begin on Wednesday. Get Ready!

*I realize that some may not be able to squat to this position for some reason (e.g. – physical limitation, previous injury, beginner [or veteran] camper still working to master proper form). Even if this is the case you are still expected to participate in the challenge. You’ll still benefit from the chance to work on your squat technique and compete against yourself. No one is excused!

Not a "perfect" squat but a decent enough example. Dog and UGG slippers not required.

Not a “perfect” squat but a decent enough example. Dog and UGG slippers not required.