Summer Vacation 2013 – workouts 1 and 2

Technically I’m on vacation this week. I say technically because between the toddler wrangling and well, the office work, it hasn’t felt like much of a vacation yet.

I did get to spend a few days in Ocean City, NJ at the lovely rental condo of the parents of admin assistant/boot camper/friend, Marti Keegan. A block and a half from the beach, hosted by a woman (Patty Keegan) who rivals Martha Stewart – it was wonderful! Marti’s parents were gracious and patient hosts who never even flinched at The Toddler’s running, jumping, climbing, primal yelling, escape attempts and perseverative comments about beeping horns on El trains and banner flying planes (“TWO banners!”).

IMG_2171While in OCNJ I did manage to sneak away (TWICE!) for one of my favorite vacation activities – checking out local fitness studios and gyms. I usually do my research before I leave for a trip so that I’m all set with my workout plan. This trip I was fortunate enough to find Exodus Integrated Wellness.

Exodus does personal training and group classes including Beach Bootcamp, Sunrise Yoga, and Pure Strength.

I usually try to go incognito when I take on a vacation workout class. I like to keep the trainer’s expectations low, but unless it’s yoga (which I totally suck at) or a format that I’ve never done, I usually out myself because of my decent form. Here’s the conversation (a variation on past vacation gym exchanges) Exodus owner, Amy Godfrey, and I had at the start of class:

Amy: What do you do for workouts?
Me: I lift and do Kettlebells and TRX.
Amy: And where do you workout?
Me: Mostly at home and I take some classes here and there.

Later, after our 4th set of deadlifts:
Amy: What did you say your lifting background was again.
Me: (Sigh) Well, full disclosure, I’m a trainer and I own a fitness business.

Next thing I know there are suddenly 4 more sets of exercises added to our deadlift, push press, pull up routine.

Amy, owner of Exodus Integrated Wellness in Ocean City, NJ

Amy, owner of Exodus Integrated Wellness in Ocean City, NJ

Here’s the day’s original workout:
Deadlifts: 75% of max 7 sets of 7
Push Presses: 5 sets of 5
Pull-ups: 4 sets of 4

After doing that we added 3 sets of:
-15/15 Single leg Romanian Deadlifts
-10 Med ball sit ups/ball toss on the Glute ham developer (GHD)
-15 Extensions on the Reverse Hyper Machine (holy glutes, Batman!)
-Feet elevated side planks w/ 12 leg raises on each side

The Reverse Hyper Machine. So pretty!

The Reverse Hyper Machine. So pretty!

Good times!

The next day I was back for the 8am Bootcamp class which turned out not to be a “traditional” bootcamp but what Amy called a Strength and Stamina Class. After practicing Overhead Barbell squats (one of my worst movements) we did the workout on the mirror:

That's Vicky, one of the Exodus trainers, with the pink bandana

That’s Vicky, one of the Exodus trainers, with the pink bandana

In case you can’t decipher what’s on the mirror, that’s 5 rounds of:
-400 meter run or 1/4 mile row
-1 round through the monkey bars (Great – flashbacks to recess and ridicule!)
-5 Overhead squats or barbell snatches
-7 box jumps
-9 plyo push-ups or push-ups w/ a plank jack

We finished with 8 rounds of 30 second core exercises (um – didn’t all the Overhead squatting, monkey barring, and plyo push-upping take care of our core?!).

Let’s just say that after two days at Exodus, Monday’s rest day was much-needed and well-earned.

Stay tuned for vacation workout #3 – The return to DV8 Fitness.

This picture has nothing to do with anything. My kid's just so effin cute!

This picture has nothing to do with anything. My kid’s just so effin cute!


  1. elise a miller on August 22, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    nice studio and cute belly! reverse hyper!!!! love that workout. i am sweaty and panting just reading about it.

  2. michelle-admin on August 27, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    Yes, we must find a Reverse Hyper!