Time to Celebrate!

Beautiful FireworksSpring sprang two months ago. The flowers have bloomed. The pavement steams after a cool rain on a hot day. Summer hints (or on some days – thunders) on the breeze and the green unfurls all around us.

This is a time of abundance—gardens sprouting, longer days, more sunshine, and holidays to celebrate.

The holiday weekend has come and gone, but you can still give yourself the gift of celebrating your health and fitness achievements. Not sure where to begin? Take a look at this list. I hope it leaves you smiling, and saying, Right on. I’ve done a lot! Way to go, me!

  1. You showed up. I see your faces multiple times a week, every week. Your dedication to fitness humbles and inspires me.
  2. You sweat. You go out of your way to get your heart rate going and your muscles pumping. Every drop of sweat counts toward your awesomeness.
  3. You took care of the kids and still made sure you got to class or your PT session.
  4. You eat right, hopefully 75-85% of the time, maybe more than that. Give yourself props for nutritional know-how, and putting into action.
  5. You might not be as consistent as you should be, but you’re still seeing some results. Way to go. Stay in the game and you’ll reaping the rewards.
  6. Even when your legs burned and you thought you might faint, you busted out one more jump squat; one more burpee. That’s commitment, hardcore. Major props.
  7. You’re stronger and you know it! Pump those biceps with pride. You’ve earned them.
  8. You’re faster too! Sprinting circles around those aforementioned kids.
  9. Working out has upped your endurance, making it easier to deal with work, kids, significant other and friends with a clear head, longer.
  10. You sleep better.
  11. You’ve lost inches and it shows. Your ever-sleekening physique is a good reason to admire yourself in the mirror. Go ahead, you know you want to.
  12. You’ve started to shop on the skinny side of your closet. Not only are you slimmer but you’re a money saving, financial genius! Who needs to go shopping at that expensive retail store?
  13. Maybe you find that you’re not as over-thinky (er, neurotic?) as you used to be. You feel a sense of mental calm, and that one right there is HUGE. Holla for feel-good hormones!
  14. You’re doing something wonderful for yourself. Fitness is medicine. Bone density, muscle mass, weight loss. All of these things and more contribute to a healthier, more vibrant and longer-lasting YOU.
  15. You inspire each other every day. The sense of community we’ve forged through boot camp, kettlebells and even Facebook keeps us coming back for more. Every time one of you looks across the room at someone else working hard, motivational alchemy takes place. Your very presence is a treasured and valued thing.
  16. You cheer on your comrades. I’ve seen you complimenting each other. Thank yourself for that, because you’re creating a safe, supportive foundation from which we can all soar.
  17. Even though you complain, you still get the job done. Actions really do speak louder than words. Your resolve shows all over your body, inside and out.
  18. You take the time to get it right, whether it’s asking your trainer to clarify a movement or working it out on your own, We’ve seen your determination to master your fitness. Way to go.
  19. You came to class when you really didn’t feel like it. Who was it who said, I really regret that workout? That’s right. No one. Ever.
  20. Fill in number 20 with your own personal achievement and please share it with everyone in the comments section, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. This post is about reminding you that you are AWESOME.


Happy Celebration Day!