Top 5 Reasons to DO the Best Body Challenge

Still haven’t signed up for the 2013 Best Body Challenge? Planning on skipping it this time around? Feeling a little meh? Dragging your feet?

What’s stopping you? It can’t be the price, especially you, current members. $37 is a steal and you know it. $97 for newbies? That’s less than your daily latte habit. Plus you’re getting our expert guidance. If there’s one thing that sets Performance Fitness apart from the other guys, it’s personal attention plus detailed modifications that suit your abilities, protect you from injuries and challenge you to attain and even surpass your health and fitness goals.

Fondling your credit card? Or are you still on the fence?

Here’s a handy list of even more reasons your body and mind will thank you for stepping up to the 2013 Best Body Challenge—

  1. Beach readiness—Who’s going to be hated at the township pool this summer for having the sickest physique?
    This lady's vying for the title of "Sickest Physique at the Pool"

    This lady’s vying for the title of “Sickest Physique at the Pool”

    HINT: it’s not going to be the lady who thinks walking the dog counts as exercise, or the guy who scarfs a bagel for breakfast every day. It’s going to be the woman who brings it to the next level by pounding out one more military pushup when she’s sure she’s fried, or the guy who makes it a priority to cook himself an omelet stuffed with a rainbow of vegetables a few times a week.

  2. Increase your fitness ability—strength and speed and endurance. No more phoning it in with that 8-pound medicine ball. No more jogging when we say, sprint. They don’t call it a challenge for nuthin’, kid. You got what it takes? Come on. Show yourself. What do you have to lose? I don’t know, maybe pounds? Inches? Crappy eating habits?
  3. Confidence—you know you got it. But how do you get it? By achieving the impossible—the impossible 60 seconds of jump squats you couldn’t do before. The impossible one-minute plank hold you’ve made your b*tch. The impossible commitment to eating unprocessed foods that somehow became your default, chosen lifestyle. You broke on through to the other side, and more than your flat abs or tight booty, your smile tells the world how awesome you are. Go on wid yo’ bad self.
  4. Happiness, aka: Vitality, aka: That Glow—we’re talking science here. Biochemistry. Say what? Neurotransmitters, people. Endorphins from exercising hard and intelligently. Serotonin, GABA and catecholamines from eating healthy real foods like chicken, fish and even butter! Decreased depression and anxiety from giving up “drugs” like sugar and processed wheat. Supple, dewy skin (makes me happy anyway) and a brighter outlook from adding healthy fats like fish, avocado, olive and coconut oil. We’ll teach you how to eat happy during the challenge.
  5. Community—Maybe the best reason of all to embark on this year’s Best Body Challenge is to connect with other like-minded people who share similar goals. There will be email interaction, meetings, weigh-ins, a secret Facebook group, a cooking workshop and more. Get to know your fellow bootcampers and kettlebellers beyond the required hello-nice-to-meet-you under threat of punitive burpees. Spend time swapping bootcamp war stories and bonding over how grueling it is, but how you’re committing to achieving your goals together!
  6. Rekindle the Flame—I know I said Top 5 Reasons, but I lied. This one’s for anyone who feels like they’re burning out. I 99% swear that if you’ve reached a plateau in your fitness or diet regimen, you will transcend it with this year’s challenge. It will shake up your stale routine and take you to the next level.

Remember, your success is my success. I want to watch you achieve Your Best Body. I know you can do it. Sign up today.