Clean Up FAQ


Our 3rd Winter Nutrition Clean Up starts tomorrow, but it’s not too late to sign up. You can even delay your start until next Monday, the 14th.

But what the heck are you getting yourself into when you sign up for the Clean Up?! Well, you’ve got questions? We’ve got answers:

Q: What exactly is the Clean Up?

A: The Clean Up is an 8-week nutrition program designed to help you rid your diet of all the junk and so-called-healthy foods that are holding you back from reaching your fitness and fat loss goals. We focus on food selection but also mindfulness when it comes to those selections. We delve into habits, triggers and strategies to help you deal with difficult food and social situations.

Q: How does the program work?

A: For 8 weeks, starting Monday, January, 7th we’ll eat squeaky clean. This means we’ll enjoy Nature’s plenty, eating tons of vegetables, lean sources of protein, fruit, healthy fats, legumes and whole grains.

Q: What exactly am I getting when I sign up for this program?

A: All that information is available on the Clean Up website.

Q: Are you going to make me eat foods that I don’t like?

A: You’re a grown up and I’m not your mother. I can’t make my 2-year-old eat stuff he doesn’t like, so I doubt I can make you eat anything. If you don’t like a certain food – don’t eat it.

Q: Are you going to make me give up alcohol?

A: See previous answer re: making you do stuff, and yes, if you want to be über successful with the program you should give up alcohol for 8 weeks. If you can’t do that you may need a different kind of program.

Q: I missed orientation on January 5th, so I can’t do the program, right?

A: Wrong. We can get the orientation info to you via email/video, and you can schedule a time to have your before stats done on a different day. This is more or less a remote program. One of our participants and past winners will be doing the program from San Diego for the 2nd year in a row.

Q: I don’t cook. Can I do this program?

A: Yes. We have plenty of options for the non-cook. If however, you like to cook or want to experiment with cooking, the guide has more than 56 recipes and meal ideas.

Q: Is this a Paleo program?

A: NO! I will say that I AM a big fan of the Paleo Diet and draw inspiration from the program, but this isn’t Paleo. We do eliminate added sugars, sweeteners, refined carbohydrates, and fake foods like the Paleo method, and I do recommend eating real food, but that’s where the similarities end.

Q: I hear there are prizes? Is that true? I’m super competitive and I’d love to win something.

A: Yep, there are prizes. At the end of the Challenge you’ll have 3 days to turn in your after stats and Clean Up reflection. Prizes will be awarded for best body composition (fat lost, inches lost, and weight lost), lifestyle transformation, and overall success story (this one isn’t based on numbers, but more on the person who has the biggest overall break through). We typically award gift certificates for spa services, chic workout wear and yummy restaurants.

Q: What about exercise, should I do it?

A: Yes, like broccoli, it’s good for you. If you’re a current client you’ve got that covered. If you have a program that you’re doing on your own or at another facility you can continue to do it. If you’re not a member and you need a different or better program, contact me to discuss your options. Clean Up members get a discount on our fitness services during the 8 weeks.

Q: Do you expect me to eat this way for the rest of my life?

A: I expect you to do what works for you during and after the Clean Up. During the Clean Up I ask you to commit 100% to the program. Whether you do or not is up to you. After the 8-weeks I recommend using the 80-85% rule in terms of clean eating. This allows for a health amount of indulgence.

Q: The chance to jumpstart my way to the body I want, improve my health and the possibility of prizes? OK, I’m in! What do I do next?

A: Go to, complete your registration and get ready for the fun!