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Michelle - June 2012. Kaizen!

Michelle – June 2012. Kaizen!

So, it’s that time of year again – time for the Nutrition Clean Up, our 8-week clean eating, body transforming nutrition program. I wanted to drop a little inspiration on you today by sharing Michele K.’s story.

Ever have your pants practically falling off your frame? Well, Michele K., one of our 2012 Clean Up winners did.

Michele started the Clean Up after doing our boot camp for two months. She joined boot camp because her body had started to change (not in the way she wanted) after 3 years of going law school and working part-time. Boot camp helped her to get back on track with the workouts that had been almost non-existent during the last three years.

Then she signed up for the Clean Up because she wanted to “jump start getting back into shape and focus on nutrition”. Michele’s experience proves the saying that 80% of your body transformation results are dependent on your nutrition. Boot camp had helped Michele to get stronger but it was the Clean Up Program that truly transformed her body.

During the Clean Up Michele removed sugar and soda from her diet, found Clean Up approved foods that she liked (she’s a self-proclaimed picky eater) and stuck to her planned meals. She did all of this while maintaining her busy work and law school schedules.

Then one day her pants fell off. OK, not really – I’ll let Michele tell the story. “By eating clean and continuing to attend boot camp classes, I started to notice a change in my body. I really noticed the difference one day at work when I kept pulling up my pants. All day it felt as if my pants were falling off, and it felt great. I felt better not only physically, but mentally as well. I feel as if I have more energy now than I did before I started the challenge.”

The end result? Michele lost 16.5 pounds and 14 inches during the 8-week Clean Up. She continued to follow the guidelines 80-85% of the time after the Challenge was over and did our next 30 day challenge in the spring and lost 8 more pounds!

If someone with a busy schedule and “limited” food choices like Michele can do the Clean Up, so can you!

Go to to find out how our program can help you change YOUR body.


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      Sorry about that, Christina. It’s working now.