Welcome to the Performance Fitness Team, Mike K.!

Mike Klevence - Welcome to the team!

Our new team member, Mike Klevence

I’m pleased to welcome Mike Klevence to the Performance Fitness team as one of our boot camp instructors and personal trainers. Here’s a little about Mike in his own words:

“I have been a personal trainer for 13 years.  The saying goes ‘do what you love’ and I love exercise, working out and the positive impact a consistent exercise program can have in all aspects of our lives.

I started working out in my basement at the age of 13 when my father bought a set of weights for my older brother.  My brother never used the weights but I was hooked immediately.  I bought all the books and magazines about working out that I could get my hands on.  I introduced many of my friends to weights in that basement.  We had a lot of fun trying out the exercises we saw and read about.  My brother and sister do not exercise but if there is an ‘exercise gene’ I definitely have it.

I received my first certification from ACE in 1999 as a Personal Trainer.  In 2003 I became a CSCS with the NSCA.  I coached track and field for two seasons and to deepen my understanding I received my Level 1 coaching certification with USA Track & Field.  I have worked with all levels of fitness experience and all ages, from middle schoolers to senior citizens.  I find my work rewarding and challenging, and it’s just fun to help people along this journey of living a healthy and fit life.

I have a broad background in working with so many different people, but I don’t know it all. There is so much that we have yet to discover about the human body and it’s exciting to imagine what’s on the horizon as far as human potential.  I take myself, my profession, and my obligation to my clients quite seriously.”

P.S. – Mike is also a former Bodybuilding competitor.

Mike will be teaching boot camp in Wynnewood every Monday and Wednesday at 6am and Saturdays at 8:30am. He’ll also be doing in-home personal training. I know he’ll be a great asset to our team!