Robin Hartley – Your Best Body Challenge Grand Prize Winner

Robin before and after

(left) Robin Before
(right) Robin – after the Challenge

I’m pleased to announce Robin Hartley as the 2011 winner for our 8-week Main Line Your Best Body Challenge. Here’s her YBB Challenge story

“First off — let me say, I’m so glad I signed up for [the Challenge]!  It got me off my butt and started on losing some serious weight that I’ve been lugging around for way too long.  I used all the wonderful info gleaned from the handout, the grocery store visit and the boot camp sessions to get moving and to make better choices.  So far, I’ve lost 14 lbs [in eight weeks] and don’t plan to stop any time soon [and she didn’t – see note below].  I feel and look so much better.

I was not able to attend every Saturday bootcamp. . . I didn’t write religiously in the daily log either but see the value in doing so.  Just going through the exercise of jotting everything that passed my lips gave me pause to be thoughtful about my intake without being overly obsessive (thanks to your saying you can cheat occasionally!)  All said, I’m on course to being a healthier me at a healthier weight and I thank YOU for that.  I won’t “win” the contest per se since I didn’t follow all the guidelines but I still won what I wanted out of the deal.”

Well Robin did win! In spite of not following the rules 100%, Robin lost 14 pounds, decreased her body fat and lost inches. As our 1st place winner she received a bunch of prizes but she won something that’s much more important – improved health, more confidence and hopefully, a better life. Congratulations!

Remember above where Robin said she didn’t plan to stop losing weight anytime soon? Well she kept that promise. I saw Robin at kettlebell class a couple of weeks ago (looking fantastic in her form fitting tank top and workout pants) and she told me that she’s lost an additional 16 since the Challenge – that’s a total of 30 pounds since May!

Robin and all of our Challenge winners are proof yet again that this stuff works if you put in the time and effort and stick with it! There are no quick fixes just long term changes that will create a Better Body and a Better You!

Stay tuned for our next Challenge coming in November – the 24 Day Challenge. We’ll help you end 2011 happy, fit and healthy.